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WHY our society teaches us.:-


It doesn't matter if she is wearing a burqa, a saree, a dress or nothing. No one has the right to tamper her, to judge her, to exploit her or rape her. Not you, not me...No one

There are times when I feel helpless and scared that maybe next time I will be the one who will be grouped by the cancerous men in a crowded bus. I will be the next victim for whom they will say that it’s my father’s fault that he taught me to independent that he allowed me to be what I wanted to be.

It’s not my fault you know it, I know it, the society knows it then why are we the one who gets slammed by everyone.

Then why there is always a person who advices my father that your daughter is too ambitious. Is being too ambitious a crime?

To every girl reading this, I m sorry for every time someone passed a lewd comment, I am sorry every time you felt miserable because of some cancerous men around you.

It’s not you. It’s not your clothes; it’s not your ambitions. It’s not your fault.

 Because Rape is never the victims fault.   It is their fault who stopped behaving like human beings and started behaving like animals.

I feel disappointed that we live in a society where women are worshipped and on the side they are exploited, tortured, and burnt alive. We don’t want to be worshipped; all we want is a little respect and dignity.

Dear girls,

 We are Sorry for disappointing you big time.

- By Shilpi Sinha


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